Friday, September 4, 2009

What has Happened to Education?

Oh, how I wish I could wave a wand like Harry Potter and take our educational system back at least 50 years. It was a time when teachers taught and students learned. It was a time when the Bible and prayer were not only accepted but also wanted. The Bible was a part of the educational system even if it was not read its principles were a part of daily life: honesty, integrity, and doing your best were expected and taught.

As opposed to today we did not have failing schools and literacy was not an issue as it is today. We did not have the discipline issues, because parents took the responsibility for how their child behaved in school and backed up the teacher. We did not have teachers who had so much paperwork that teaching time was needed to complete it. We did not have the government pressure to teach so many standards in one year. We did not have the pressure of jobs being threatened if the teacher, principal, or school, did not measure up to the end of the year test. It is this end of year test that is the criteria for measuring up each year.

Oh, how I wish the government would get out of the education business.